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Bringing Youth to Christ
Challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church Read more…

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As this first semester of ministry comes to an end, I can’t help but think back on everything that has happened up until this point. Sometimes it feels like I just left home a few days ago, and other times it feels like I haven’t been home for a couple of years. NET has a funny way of doing that to people! The amount of growth that I have experienced since being on the road is unbelievable. Not just personally, but also growth in team life and in our ministry. The amount I’ve grown over these past few months is more than I have ever grown in my whole life. I know that the main reason for this is that I have never been so challenged in my life. Challenged in many ways, but especially in going out of my comfort zone in everything I do.

So recently the NET Canada iNFUSE teams got to have our December retreat in Alberta.  It was a beautiful retreat center by the name of Ephphapha house. The snow lay in thick coats over the ground and would fall in heavy flakes.  The frozen lake was surrounded by hills that emptied out into it. It felt like our own little secluded part of heaven.  It was there that I began to reflect on many of the things I had struggled with over the first half of the year.

It’s a room full of love. Many Netters have fond memories within, the main room of CDL (Centre De L’Amour near Rockland, Ontario) where Mass, formation and evening prayer occur daily. A room of love and memory, but not just memory, since the living bread of the Eucharist resides so often there. I was so happy to return there for December retreat with my team, the place where our Net mission began.

Do you ever get distracted in prayer? I don’t mean so much the giggles of a buzzed toddler distracting you, or the typhoon of air that recurringly buffets in your direction by a rotating fan. I mean losing yourself in the analysis of the problems, events and plans of life. Basically, do you ever struggle between concentrating on Love itself, God, and the business of life? I do.