Jean-Paul de Fleuriot de la Colinière, Western Program Coordinator

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Reigning from the small South African village of Johannesburg, I spent most of my youth riding elephants and wrestling leopards. To my astonishment, one day I woke up and realized this was all a dream. In 2001, my family and I moved to a more tranquil country where bears and moose roam freely. Yes you guessed it, we moved to Hawaii. Just kidding. Slowly over the years, Canada became our new beloved home. Since serving with NET Canada from 2002-2005, I have had the privilege of being a missionary on numerous overseas missions such as Ireland, Philippines and Ghana. Adjacent to those mission trips, I spent five years in the seminary before discerning that Marriage was in fact God’s calling for my life. Now, all these years later, I am delighted to be a husband, father and serving on staff with NET as the Western Office Coordinator.