That Little Red Light

Generally, you share everything with your best friend.  You share your joys and your sorrows, your wants and your needs, and everything in between.  You spend time together watching movies, going for coffee, or just hanging out and eating ice cream.  You know you can trust them, and you know they’ll be there for you whenever you need them.

I had always heard of people refer to Jesus as their best friend, but I never fully understood what that meant.  Of course, Jesus would always be there for me, but I never really thought of sharing everything with Him. I never told him about the good days; I only cried to Him about the bad ones.  He was more of a therapist than a friend.

Over the course of training, I had the opportunity to visit Jesus in the tabernacle every day if I wanted to.  At first, I would only go see Him if I was struggling with something or needed to vent. Slowly, I would go to visit Him more often because I wanted to.  I had this strong desire to just be in His presence. Then I started telling Him about everything going on in my life. I still told Him about the bad things or why I was upset, but I also thanked Him for the good things like the beautiful morning sky or the fresh coffee or playing a board game with friends.  

The more I went to see Him, the more I realized I also had to listen to Him, and I had to get to know Him, otherwise, it would be a very one-sided relationship.  I figured out the easiest way to get to know Him was through the books written about Him: The Gospels! The Gospels are the biography of His life. They demonstrate how He acted and reacted in different situations, and they allow us to find patterns in His behaviour.  Through the Gospels, I found that He liked to tell stories, which we call parables. He quietly and calmly thinks before answering questions, yet His power is so strong that even the wind and the trees and the water listen to His commanding voice. Through the Gospels,  I have found Jesus to be very gentle and loving, but He can also be very tenacious at the same time.

Now, being on a parish team, I can still go visit with Him almost every day, and it’s been a huge blessing.  I see the little red light shining beside Him, and it’s comforting to know I’m never alone. I walk past the church, and it’s almost like walking past a teammate’s desk and saying hi.  Not many lay people have this opportunity, but I’m so grateful I do because it completely changed my perspective.