Christ's Dwelling Place

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14a)

School ministry so far has in a way reminded me of what Christ’s ministry would’ve been like.

My team and I have been sitting in on many classes and casually interacting with the students, playing basketball at lunchtime, eating and chatting with them, joining them for school Masses, as well as not only living but learning alongside them.

In a similar way, this is just what Christ did. Due to many of us hearing a lot about the last 3 years of Christ’s life, we can easily forget that He did indeed spend 30 years living a normal life on earth beforehand. What that means is that He would have done the ordinary, everyday activities that we often take for granted or see as mundane. Yet, He still chose to dwell among us. And He continues to dwell among us today by being present in the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. But why? Why “waste” so much time in not full-on preaching to people?

The answer to that question would be to build trust. Trust is like the good soil Christ talks about in the parable of the sower; it is the foundation for which the seed of faith can grow. Without trust, people are turned off when you try to lead them or correct them. But with trust, people are much more likely to accept the words that you’re speaking and know that you care about their well-being.

So in relation to our ministry here in Vancouver, it is safe to say that we are continuing to build trust with the students by our presence, and through casual conversations, we are starting to share our testimonies of how Jesus has worked in our lives and how He can work in theirs. There is definitely much potential for amazing future saints at these schools because there is a seed of faith here that is ready to be cultivated and renewed. I hope and pray that by the grace of God my team and I can help that seed of faith to grow on the foundation of trust so that Christ may continue to dwell in all of us.

Paul Bentler, Team 8