David Messiha, Mississauga, ON


Hey there! I am from Mississauga, ON where I have spent most of my 18 years of life. Although I live in a big city, my hobbies include mountain biking and hiking in the countryside.

After finishing high school, I was shipped off to university as I sought a degree in Math and Computer Science at McMaster University. Halfway through my first year, I found myself at a dramatic halt as I reconsidered what the goodness of life truly was. Was it really shaking hands with Bill Gates or was God calling me to something else, possibly something greater?

Thereafter I concluded that the mysteries of life lied in God’s hands, not in my calculator. As I continued to see that God’s love transcends all human satisfaction, I could hear the voice of Jesus calling me to follow Him closely. This led me to be part of NET’s 2020-21 year as I seek to help youth embark on a personal relationship with the Lord. This year I desire to bring the truth to those whom I minister so they can have the light of Christ shine upon them as they start to enter the confusion of today’s world.

The first challenge God has called me to during this new chapter in my life is fundraising $7800 for my NET year. For this reason, I invite you to join us at NET as a partner to contribute to NET’s mission to bring youth to Christ. If you donate $50 or more, or donate monthly you will be sent the NET Newsletter and personal letters from me throughout the year. I thank you for your time and I pray that God may rest in your heart bringing you to the fullness of life.

David Messiha