David Thorley, Brisbane, Australia


Hello! my name is David, I'm 19 years old and I am from Brisbane, Australia. I think bagpipes are a pretty underrated instrument, I love a good frisbee toss, and I open bananas by breaking them in half instead of peeling them from one end - oh and my favourite colour is blue!
I have just finished a year with NET already volunteering here in my home turf of Australia but nearing the end of my year I really felt that I wasn't done with this adventure. I knew that for my second year, I was being called to something greater than my own backyard. My life has been radically changed for the better with an increase of peace, joy, and love when I answered yes to having Jesus more in my life. I simply want to see the same for everyone else. So that is why I've chosen to volunteer my coming year as a missionary in Canada.
I sincerely invite you to partner with me in this mission. I can't do this by myself. No, really I can't. If you pray, please pray for me. and if you can give financially, please consider giving. If you choose to give, here's another hot fact: if you donate $50 or more, or donate monthly, you will receive, throughout the year, a newsletter from NET Canada as well as personal letters from me updating you on how this mission is going. Thank you for reading this far and checking out my page. But on top of reading this gnarly paragraph, I also want to say thank you for any and all of your prayers as well as if you have given - or choose to give - financially. Trust that you will equally be in my prayers.
David Thorley.