Give a gift this Advent season!

Young people can’t hear the voice of God.

The world is noisy!

We know that Jesus is trying to reach youth with the profound message of His boundless love for them. He longs to inspire them, guide them, and embrace them. He wants these young people to know Him. However, the distracting noise in their lives, amplified by the chaos of our modern world, often drowns out this calling.

——   That’s where you come in.   ——

You can help send passionate young NET missionaries who dedicate themselves to cutting through the noise and bringing Christ to the many youth they encounter. It is only with your help that our missionaries can reach young people across Canada with the message of Jesus Christ. We can’t do this alone. Consider making a donation to NET Canada this Advent season. By donating to NET Canada, you’re not just contributing to the ministry; you’re participating in a movement that can change a young person’s life forever.