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So many Catholic young people in Canada have heard about Jesus. They’ve heard His name in their Catholic school or at a church they attended in their childhood but no longer do. They might even know about Him. So why aren’t these youth embracing life as Catholics? Why aren’t they coming to church or living the kind of lives set out by the church?

It’s not enough for them to know about Him.

It’s not enough for people to only know about Jesus and what He can offer them. If we want young people in our pews who are living lives of faith, they need to know Him personally, and then, ultimately, they need to make the choice to follow Him. You can help them make that choice. Your support can make it possible. 

NET missionaries journey with young people, wherever they are spiritually. They go into schools and parishes across Canada, walking alongside youth to show them how to respond to Jesus’s invitation. Our missionaries are emboldened by the knowledge that if a young person sincerely says “yes” to Jesus and opens their heart to Him, their life will be transformed. We need your help to send NET missionaries to these young people.

Youth across Canada deserve the chance not only to encounter Christ, but to give their lives to Him.

You can make it possible.


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