"[The NET retreat] was great! They opened my eyes and cured my ignorance on how wonderful God is. Now I understand why I am being confirmed and how wonderful God is."

Male, Grade 7

"Today I felt really connected to God, especially during the prayer time. I felt like He was in the room with us and I was embracing His love."

Female, Grade 9

"I enjoyed retreating from a busy life and spending a day with God. Before this retreat, I would think of God as someone I was forced to know, but now honestly I want to become closer with him and it has definitley opened my eyes and I can now see that I need to work on having a better relationship with him because he is ultimately my number one priority. I'm glad I went to this retreat because I feel like God is in my life again when really he was always here but I was too busy to notice that."

Sara P.

"My first encounter with NET was during high school. In all honesty I was at a low point in my life of faith and struggled to embrace the message the NET team was trying to convey. This was partly because they were challenging me to change the way I was living my life and though I did not want to hear what they had to say it was the message I needed to hear loud and clear. They spoke with conviction and charity and it would only be later during my seminary formation that I thought back to that high school retreat and realized how important their ministry is for Catholic youth, especially ones like myself who were struggling to see what purpose the Church had in my life."

Fr. Nathan Siray

"Believing is one thing, but knowing and seeing is another. I believe that the NET team showed me the best possible description of Christ and Christianity. The faith everyone on the team has is amazing to see and it has inspired me to believe in God more."

Female, Grade 8