The Abandoned Piano

An old piano sits abandoned in a store. It has been in the same spot, orphaned without a home for many years. Spiders have crawled into its soundboard leaving nests with their growing kin and many cobwebs. Dust has covered its frame, leaving the old mahogany coated in white. If one were to peer inside, they would see strings- messy, tangled and left in a jumble. The keys broken, worn and stained from the many years of use. This is the state the piano lies in.

Along comes a great composer looking for a piano to assist him in creating his next masterpiece. He looks at the different pianos, over and over again they are shiny, new and barely touched. He knows soon enough someone will come along and buy them. As he gets further into the store, he knows that he is getting closer to the one his heart desires. The farther back he goes the more used and broken the pianos are. Finally at the very back in a seemingly hidden corner, he lays eyes on the one and his heart leaps with joy and excitement as he sees its potential. He has laid eyes on the old abandoned piano.

He buys the piano that day, laying down all the cash that he posses on him and he brings it home, for he know the piano is too valuable to leave, even for a single night. He lugs in his find and places it in the centre of his living room, it has now become the focal point. He sets to work straight away.

He begins by thoroughly cleaning the mahogany, which takes long hours of hard work and many different clothes, for this dust has been caked on in layers for many years. When he is done he looks at his hard work and gleams. He has gotten the tired, old wood to shine like new once again.

Next he cracks open the lid, he sees that the heart of the piano is filled with things that don’t belong. The spiders don't want to budge, the cobwebs are pretty much glued on and the strings seem to be beyond repair. The composer doesn't regret his decision to buy this abandoned piece for any second, but gets started with a new vigor and energy. He starts to clean out the soundboard and slowly but surely the spiders start to move and the cobwebs start to give away. He takes the strings sort them, return them to their respective positions and tunes them.

The composer notices one last thing- the keys, which may be a little detail but they tie in all his hard work. He replaces the broken keys, but after thinking about it he just cleans and leaves the worn and stained ones. It is a reminder to the piano of its rich and full past.

At last after many months of time spent, he stands back and beams at his handiwork. He has took the time, effort and many hours to make the old abandoned piano his own. He sits down and begins to write and rewrite. He spends many hours under the sunlight and even more under the candle light until he strikes one last key. At last he is satisfied with his work-- he has created a masterpiece. A masterpiece worthy enough to be shared.

This is what God has been doing in my life these past years. So often I would be willing to let God into my life to merely fix me and polish the outside of me, yet I really never let Him in enough to heal my heart. Through NET I have been able to learn how to fully put my trust in God, to allow Him to really clean me out, fix my heart and heal me of my wounds. Sometimes I am a little flat or a little sharp, yet Christ is willingly to tune me, to help me become the women I was created to be. He has been able to take me this year and lead others closer to himself through me. I can say that I am no longer the Old Abandoned Piano, but I have been made new in Christ.

~Martha Lapain (Encounter 2)