Quebec & French Canada


NET has been serving Québec and French-Canada steadily since 2007.  This bilingual branch exists because of the great need in Québec and among all francophone youth in Canada for evangelization.  

Much of Canada was founded by French-Canadian Catholics who had a great passion for the Gospel and the Church.  In Québec (prior to the mid-20th century), there were many who loved God passionately, and a fire for proclaiming the Gospel, along with a great devotion to Our Lady and the Saints.

Since then, many have left the Church, feeling it is unnecessary or irrelevant to their lives.  This leaves many youth not knowing who Jesus is, the freedom and joy he gives, and the splendour of the sacraments found in His Church.  

At the same time however, there is a new openness among young people since they often have little-to-no previous experiences with the Catholic Faith, and they hunger for truth, goodness and beauty.  

NET’s Québec and French-Canadian ministries hope to re-ignite this flame.

From its founding in 1994, NET Canada was intended to be a bilingual ministry that served both French and English speaking Canada. In 2007 the first French speaking team was launched, whose members traveled from town to town offering French language ministry.  Since then NET has offered traveling teams and iNFUSE (parish) teams in Terrebonne, QC and in the Beauce region of Quebec.  

NET opened its Quebec regional office in 2016, located within the walls of Loyola High School in Montreal.  This allows for NET staff to advance the Quebec-French Canada mission from the great city of Montreal at the heart of Canada’s francophone province.   

Quebec Office

Mission Statement

Engaging the young people of Quebec to rediscover Jesus and the Church


  1. Assist in the spiritual growth of students at Loyola High School

  2. Strategize for mission advancement in Quebec

  3. Provide NET’s presence to wider Catholic community, partners and donors

Canada-Wide Retreats (French)

If you are interested in having NET run a youth event for your community in French, please contact Cameron Turner, or call the Quebec Office at (613)-857-7883.