Massive Worship


(Grades 7-12 choose a theme from the list)

Presented in a live concert setting, Massive Worship youth rallies are exciting nights full of energetic music, skits and passionate worship geared toward teens. Personal testimony and an engaging message on leadership and the model of Christ abound in this music-infused event where youth will have the opportunity to encounter the person of Christ in a new and exciting way.


(For musicians and music leaders)

Over the course of a day or weekend, receive hands-on instrument training in the contemporary worship style, hear vibrant talks and testimonies from young musicians, and come away with a foundational experience on how to lead and arrange a music team for liturgy and worship events. Also take time to lay aside your instrument and receive valuable affirmation, encouragement and inspiration needed to continue vibrantly in music ministry. This event is great for building unity between different music teams and choirs, for up-building new music teams within the parish, and for providing on-going training for established music teams.

Please note: It is required that parents attend this Encounter Day with their children.