Bring Christ to the youth of Canada!

It's time to stop waiting!

Together let's bring Christ to them.

“The battle of faith is currently for youth in the Catholic schools. It’s where most youth who have not been raised in the faith have an encounter with Christ.”   - High School Chaplain

Look around you on Sunday. Are there young people there? If not, how will they know God’s love? You first need to bring Christ to them. Only then will they come looking for His love in the Mass.

How can you ensure they hear the Gospel in a way they can relate to? You can send them another young person. Your gift makes you a co-missionary and will do just that; equip and send young people to go in to the schools on the front lines to build relationships with your youth. They bring Christ with them through their own personal story and build the bridge to the parish.

Your family’s faith and future can be transformed by your gift. Youth need you to fight for them so that they know they are loved and known by God.