Gerard Bouwman, Abbotsford, BC


Hello! My name is Gerard Bouwman and I am from Abbotsford, BC! I am 18 years old and like cars, trucks and basically anything with an engine in it. I also enjoy playing guitar, basketball and spending time with friends and family! I chose to serve with NET this year because I felt that teens in Canada need to know Jesus on a more personal level, and I think that God has given me the gifts to let them know that.

I have been put on Team 1, with our minsitry consisting of retreats and discipling in different diocese'.  Right now we are in Whitehorse, which is absolutely beautiful and we have been so blessed to encounter so many incredible, Spirit filled people. We are just starting to enter youth groups, sing at Mass and start some school visits which is extremely exciting! Team life is so fruitful and it really feels like we are one big family and as always God is continually providing in his divine providence. :)

I am inviting you to join the mission of NET this year through your financial support and prayers! If you are able to donate $50 or more, or give monthly donations, you will receive a NET newsletter and my personal newsletter updating you on my mission throughout the year! Thank you so much for visiting my page and I can assure you that you will be in my prayers!

God bless,
Gerard Bouwman.