Jacob Brown, Halifax, NS


Hey friends!

I'm Jacob Brown, originally from Halifax, NS, but I've been living in Coquitlam, BC for the past year. I'm into hiking and playing Minecraft with my friends.

I served my first year with NET in 2017-18 on Team 2. It was such a beautiful life-changing experience that I decided to become a Recruiter to help invite other young adults to have a similar experience of sharing their faith like I did. After a year with NET in the head office in Ottawa I moved to Vancouver to serve a new position in NET's Western Office. I left my position in April of this year but still yearned for the opportunity to evangelize.

I was asked to consider serving a 2nd year with NET in Keewatin Le-Pas, a team that will focus specifically on building leaders in Indigenous communities and it was impossible for me to say no.

So far in ministry this year my team and I have had quite a few unexpected aspect of our ministry! Since we started working for the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas we’ve been living  at the Bishop’s house in The Pas. We haven’t been able to visit any of the communities we were hoping to yet but the Lord has been blessing us with many opportunities for ministry!

We’ve been praying an adoration hour every day, a daily rosary, and daily mass for our communities and their encounters with Jesus. We’ve also been creating online video sessions for sacramental prep that the priest up north can use in their parishes and running workshops online to engage adults interested in leading youth ministry in their communities.

Please pray for us that God’s will may continue to guide us in our work, that we may always rely on Him, and that we act as if it’s all up to us while praying knowing it’s all up to Him!

It has been an amazing year of serving the Lord through this mission and I'm inviting you to join me! Consider making a gift to become my Missionary Partner and the Lord will bless you bountifully. If you donate more than $50, or decide to give monthly, you will receive both the NET Newsletter and my personal newsletter updating you on my mission throughout the year.

Thank you so much for visiting this page. Be assured that I am praying for you personally!

God Bless