Joel Matte, Prince George, BC


Hello! My name is Joel Matte, I am 18 and I’m from Prince George which is almost, but not quite, in central British Columbia, Canada. Spending time with my family is one thing I do most, which I love doing. I have 7 siblings (5 sisters and 2 brothers). I really enjoy participating in outdoor activities and sports. My favourite instrument to play is piano but I also enjoy playing fiddle.

I have chosen to serve on NET because I have a desire to share my faith with young people. When we hear about the number of Catholics who have fallen away from their faith, we know that they may have left their faith usually because they haven’t been given the opportunities to experience and truly understand it when they were younger. Pondering this has made me think about what I can do to share my faith in Jesus with those who may not know him well or haven’t had the chance to be blessed with understanding and living their faith as I have been privileged to.

I was put on Team 1 in October! After completing our retreat ministry in Alberta for the year and going home for Christmas break, my team and I are back to do more mission work in Whitehorse, Yukon until June.  We have been quarantining here for two weeks and have been preparing to do discipleship ministry.  Our goal is to build relationships with the young people here and to share our relationship with Jesus Christ with them.  We are now beginning our ministry here by going to schools and youth groups.

I would like to invite you to financially assist me in this ministry by donating whatever you can. If you choose to generously donate $50 or more, or if you choose to donate a certain amount every month, you will receive the NET Newsletter and a personal letter from me notifying you of my mission throughout the year. Thank you for your generous support! Please keep me and the youth I am ministering to in your prayers as I will keep all of you in mine!

Thank you once again and God Bless you!