Michael Porta, London, ON


Hi there! My name is Michael Porta. I am currently 17 years old and I’ve lived in London, Ontario my whole life. Ever since a young age I’ve always loved music and expressing that love with instruments. Since my conversion to Christ, I’ve been able to direct that towards Him! I absolutely love worship music and as of recently, I’ve started writing my own!

After I gave my life to Christ I realized that He was calling me to serve Him. What I did not realize for a while was that He was calling me to apply to NET Canada. After some long and persistent discernment, Christ revealed to me that His call for me was to become a missionary and to bring His word to the youth! I am beyond thrilled to be serving this year and so thankful that the Lord has brought me here.

Half way into the year, I now see so clearly how God works through us for the youth. I see as well how He inspired our team’s mission statement: “we team 7 will live and serve with Humility and Joy. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we will carry out God’s mission to love and serve those we encounter. Through intentional relationships, we will bring His hope and peace to the lost”. It has truly been through intentional relationships that God has used us to bring his hope and peace to the youth. That has been my favourite part of the mission - making relationships with the youth, building trust with them and helping them come to the realisation that it’s a beautiful thing to be young and Catholic. Another beautiful thing has been building relationships with my brothers and sisters on team. I have seen Christ in them time and time again in team life and in ministry. Christ has blessed me with a saintly team and a beautiful ministry.

My desire is to have you all be a part of my mission as well! Therefore, I invite you to join me this year spiritually and to consider supporting me financially. With your financial and spiritual support you will not only be helping me, but also all of NET Canada to bring the much needed good news of Christ to the youth! If you donate $50 or more, or choose to donate monthly, you will receive the NET newsletter as well as letters from myself keeping you posted on the mission throughout the year!

Thank you so much for visiting my page! Be sure in knowing that my prayers are with you all! Let’s all take part in spreading the truth of Christ, our redeemer!! BECAUSE HE LIVES!!!

In Christ, through our Blessed Mother,