Adam Godin, Westlock, AB

Hello, my name is Adam and I am 17 years old and I am from Westlock, Alberta. I am just finishing high school and will be joining NET this fall. I love going to Catholic youth retreats,
driving to the city, and hanging out with my friends. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved going to these retreats so much! They always include praise and worship, games, amazing friends, and learning more about my faith.

During this coming year on the road with NET, I can’t wait to share these amazing things with others and especially help youth know how incredibly loved they are by God. When I first gave God my yes to him being the center of my life, I was actually in adoration at a Catholic youth retreat in Saskatchewan called Ignite. This summer, I plan on counselling at my diocese summer camp and volunteering at that same Ignite retreat in Saskatchewan.

For this mission year to be possible, I need to raise $8,000, so if you would consider donating, I would appreciate it so much. We’d be co missionaries together! Some people give by going and some go by giving. As well, if you donate $50 or more or donate monthly, I will keep you updated on the highlights and ways God has been working in this mission all throughout the year. You will also receive a NET newsletter and tax receipt.

Thank you so much!

Your brother in Christ,
Adam Godin