Anthony Beltrame, Langley, BC

Hello, My name is Anthony Beltrame, but everyone calls me Tony. I am currently 19 and was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and moved to BC at a very young age! I love playing Sports, writing short stories and the outdoors.

I have chosen to do a second year of NET Canada because I have fallen into a deeper love to share the faith with youth and a desire to set Canada ablaze with love, peace, and joy. This year will and has been full of wonders and I have seen the Lord work in remarkable ways. From youth nights to online retreats, to the many other religion classes that I have helped lead. God has not only blessed me with a chance to change people lives but He has also allowed me to see the beauty of Canada, From the vast sea of the east to the mountains of West, I have seen it all, all while growing in my own relationship and inspiring other to do the same as I live out this truly remarkable chapter that God is writing out.

I invite you to make a donation to help support me and this mission as it is almost $8,000 a year and I can’t do it without you. If you do want to donate $50 or more or do monthly donations you will receive a personal letter and the NET newsletter updating you about the mission that I will be serving throughout the year. If you cannot donate I ask for your prayers as I will be praying for all of you. Thank you so much for your support and God bless!