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Aoife Kiely, County Cork, Ireland

My name is Aoife – to pronounce it just think of FIFA & remove the first F! I’m from County Cork in Ireland & I like to think that it’s the best place ever (if there was a Tim Hortons that would make it even better.) I am the oldest of 4 girls & I graduated secondary/high school last year. I love music a lot, especially listening to movie soundtracks, as well as eating chocolate, doing jigsaws & watching movies.

This is my 2nd Year with NET Canada which is unreal. After secondary school, I felt that God was calling me to join NET. The first time I found out about NET was at a Dominican Church in Cork City. Although I never thought about it after that I looked into it & I decided to apply to NET Canada!

Last year & now this year I am blessed to be on the Travelling Retreat Team which is an incredible experience. We will be getting to encounter lots of young people & bring them closer to Jesus as well as to travel coast to coast across Canada. I learned that any mountain in Ireland is only a hill compared to the Rockies! I also got the opportunity to grow so much during this year, as a person & interacting with others, but most importantly in my faith & trust in God.

None of this would be possible without your support! If you would like to support this mission of bringing youth to Christ, you could donate to this mission. Any help you could give, whether financial or spiritual would be greatly appreciated! If you donate $50 or more, or else if you donate monthly, then you will receive a NET Newsletter & personal updates from the road throughout the year!

I will be keeping you in my prayers & I appreciate your prayers too!

God bless,