Christina Dunn, Ancaster, ON

Hi wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ!

My name is Christina Dunn, I am 19 years old and I am from Ancaster, Ontario. I have 6 siblings (3 sisters, 3 brothers) and two of them are married. I love theatre, singing and playing guitar. I will often start random dance parties or karaoke sessions.

I am so excited to be a NET missionary for a second year. My first year on NET was such a transformative year for me where I got to meet such amazing people. I was able to share my faith with everyone I met and share my love for the Lord with those on my team. I cannot wait to continue sharing my faith in any way I can. This year I witnessed so many beautiful moments where God interceded using me to bring His children to Him. God called me to do a second year in this beautiful mission and I am so excited to go out and continue using the talents and gifts He has given me to bring more youth to Him. Having this faith has changed my life and I have loved sharing my story of God’s love in my life with others.

Some exciting news for you!! I have been stationed in Vancouver BC going to two high schools a week. I am so excited to journey with these youth and get to know them. I am also super excited to start doing small groups with them and diving deeper into the faith through these groups.

By sharing in God’s love I would like to invite you to join NET’s mission through your financial and spiritual support, because without you this mission would not be possible for us. Any donation would be deeply appreciated and would aid us in bringing Christ to our brothers and sisters around Canada. If you plan to give a monthly donation or a donation $50 or more you will receive a letter from me updating you on my mission throughout the year, as well as a NET newsletter. T

hank you so much for visiting my donation page and know that you will be in my prayers as we go on this mission together. Thank you for making our mission possible.

God Bless.