Jessica Taylor, Airdrie, AB

NET kind of seems to run in the family, and though I have been hearing about it since I was ten years old, I never thought that it was for me (in spite of others trying to convince me otherwise). In the past few months, however, there were a series of events, each somewhat unusual in themselves, that directed both my attention and my heart towards giving a year of my life to serving on NET. I have seen first hand how NET changes lives, both in the youth that they minister to and the missionaries themselves. This year, I will be serving my mission year in Vancouver, ministering to two high schools! I am very excited to see how the Lord will work through us this year!

I want to invite you to be a part of that mission. If you feel the Lord is calling you to donate any amount, please know that it will be received with so much gratitude! If you donate 50 dollars or more, or donate monthly, you will receive a NET newsletter and a personal letter from me updating you on my mission throughout the year. Thank you so much for visiting my donation page! I ask for your prayers and assure you that you will be in mine.

God bless! Jessica