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Lucas Ducharme, Zurich, ON


My name is Lucas, and I’m from Zurich, Ontario. I’m a man with many interests, from sports (I’m a big hockey fan), to music (Guitar, piano and vocals are my go-to) and Radio DJ-ing. As a matter of fact, I just spent the past two years studying Broadcast – Radio at Fanshawe College in London. I also love being around people, spending time with others and making people smile is something that makes me genuinely happy.

I’ve actually been interested in NET for a while now, but I had a desire to finish up my college program first. Someone encouraged me to try NET this past January and seeing as this was my last year in my 2-year program, I began to give it some thought. I wasn’t sure of what to do after college, but I felt that God was calling me to NET.

This year, I will be on a discipleship team in Leamington, Ontario! My team and I will be helping out with multiple youth groups, visiting classrooms, running retreats, and attending Masses! I’m very excited about a lot of things, including seeing others grow closer to Christ.

Being a missionary doesn’t run on desire alone. I would like to invite you to please join our mission by serving both financially and through prayer. Additionally, those who donate $50 or more will receive newsletters from NET, as well as personalized letters from me throughout the year. Thank you for your support!

God bless,

Lucas Ducharme