Marie Levesque, Saskatoon, SK

Hello! My name is Marie Levesque. I am 17 and from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, also known as the “Land of the Living Skies. “I have quite a few hobbies: creating music (Violin, Trumpet, Piano, Ukulele, Voice), drawing, and dancing with the Saskatoon Highland Dance Association. For a long time, I had a desire to become a missionary. I think that desire stemmed from reading plenty of books on the “Lives of the Saints” when I was younger.  Doing NET doesn’t seem like giving up a year of my life. I decided to go with NET because I want to help other young people come to know Jesus and realize that they are not alone since they have a wonderful Father taking care of them and loving them. I don’t think that this year will feel wasted, but rather be a great gift. I have nothing to lose by doing this and maybe a whole lot to gain. This year, I will be serving with the St. Anthony’s parish in Vancover, BC!

I would like to invite you to join in NET’s mission through your generous financial support. If you donate $50 or more or even give monthly, you will receive the NET Newsletter as well as a personal letter from me as an update on the missionary year. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page! I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you have a blessed day!