Marinna Fillion, Ste Anne, MB

Hi! My name is Marinna. I am 20 years old and I am from a small town called Ste Anne, MB. I’m a musician, and I love soccer, people, spontaneity, dance parties, playing music with my family and friends, and having deep conversations with people!

I am about to serve a second year on NET Canada. My first year, last year, I was placed in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Last year, I knew God was calling me to serve a year on NET Canada, but I wasn’t fully sure why, at first. Only a few days into NET training, God brought down a lot of my walls and began healing some wounds in my heart. Throughout the year, I learned and grew SO much. It was evident to me why God wanted me to serve with NET Canada and all year, even through the difficulties, I never doubted whether or not I was really meant to be on NET. Amidst a pandemic, I was able to give so much to many people and receive so much! And this year, through prayer, I have felt called to give and receive even more, specifically with NET Canada, once again. And I am excited to see why He’s called me to serve a second year.

I want to invite you to join NET’s mission through your spiritual and financial support. If you donate $50 or more, or give monthly, you will receive the NET Newsletter and your personal letter updating you on my mission throughout the year.

Thank you for your time! Know that you are in my prayers!
~ Marinna