Theresa James, Winnipeg, MB

Hello everyone! My name is Theresa, I’m 19 and I’m from Manitoba. I recently graduated grade-12 and I love reading, dancing, and obsessing over movies.

I honestly never thought that I would do anything but go straight to university after high school but here we are! I have been so blessed to grow up in a Catholic family surrounded by people who love God and one thing that I have always noticed is that everyone around me is so filled with joy! From a young age, I wanted that, and I soon discovered that Jesus was the reason for that joy. So, I wanted to spread that joy and decided to do a year of NET 🙂

I am stationed in Vancouver and will be doing school ministry here. I am so excited to see what the year will bring! Thanks once again to everyone for their support!

I would love to have your help in doing so! I would like to invite you to join our mission through your financial support. If you donate $50 or more or give a monthly donation, you will receive the NET Newsletter and personal letters updating you on my mission throughout the year! Honestly, anything will help!

Thank you for taking the time for this, I will be praying for you all 🙂