Thomas Corrigan, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Hello!! My name is Thomas and I come from Fort Saskatchewan Alberta. I have a plethora of hobbies including acting, competing in various sports (my favorites are volleyball and badminton), and sitting down for board games with family and friends. I also play old-time fiddle (along with three of my siblings) and I love the smile it brings to people’s faces when I play for them!

This year I am finishing my last year of high school and I’ve just recently turned 18. Like many of my friends, I assumed that the next year of my life would be spent studying at University. I even applied and got accepted to the U of A for a Philosophy degree. However, in taking some time to pray and discern what next year would look like, it became evident that God was calling me to take the next year of my life to intentionally serve Him and those around me. This realization caused me to seek out NET Canada, and I am elated to say that I will be serving as a missionary for NET for the 2022-2023 year!

That being said, sending out a missionary for a year (especially one with a ginormous appetite as my own) is not a cheap or light endeavor and I humbly ask for both your financial support and, more importantly, prayers as I work to prepare for the oncoming year. As an added bonus for those who wish to give monthly or donate more than $50, you will receive NET newsletters as well as personalized letters from me allowing you to journey alongside me throughout the year. Thank you so much for all your support!

God Bless, Thomas