Hello from the Lethbridge NET Team! 

We are coming up to our last few weeks here and WOW, what an amazing year it has been! Recently we have placed more focus on our youth groups and making sure our last few weeks with the youth will be super special! We’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of awesome retreats and small groups in the area! Just recently, we had the opportunity to run a retreat for all of the local homeschooling kids in the area. We have also been running a lot more small groups, which is where we meet with smaller groups of youth outside of the youth group to have deeper discussions. This is a great way for us to grow personal relationships with the youth and journey closer with them in their walk of faith. 

Throughout this year, we have witnessed so many beautiful moments of the Lord working in the youth here. One youth said that after being a part of our youth group, she had the opportunity to grow so much closer to God and truly deepen her relationship with Jesus. Another youth whom we had met in the schools said that the NET Team provided her with role models and showed her that young people could love Jesus unapologetically! 

Just recently we had an appreciation dinner for all of the families that have hosted us this year. This was such a beautiful opportunity to thank the families and to see how God has worked in the community here this year, bringing all of the families closer together and the youth with them. Community has been a big theme for our team this year and we have felt so welcomed and loved by the parish here in Lethbridge. We will be so sad to say goodbye but we are confident the friendships we have built here are lifelong! We have been so blessed with this community and are so grateful for all of the amazing support we have received that has made this year one of the best years of our lives! 

In these last few weeks of ministry, we have been spending so much time together as a team and savouring our last few moments with the parish.

We want to say one last thank you to all of you for your support and prayers this year. It honestly would not have been possible without you and for that, we are forever grateful! 

God Bless,

Grace, Stefania, Victoria, Adam, and Jacob

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