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Leamington Team

Hello Friends!  In this fifth month of ministry, we are happy to share with you some of the highlights we have experienced over the last couple of weeks!  Here in Leamington, ON, our team has been busy visiting the middle and high school classrooms, and hosting youth groups and retreats.  As mentioned in our last update from the road, we were preparing for our eighth-grade Confirmation retreats- of which went amazingly!  


For four consecutive days, we welcomed the grade eight classes for a retreat all on the Holy Spirit and welcoming Him into our lives at Confirmation.  There were so many blessings, not only as a team, but even the teachers could see how much these retreats impacted the youth.  One of the men on my team shared a beautiful story about an encounter a youth had: At the beginning of the day, this youth wasn’t very engaged in the conversations taking place, and may have been intimidated by the size of the group to share.  This seemed to change after the prayer ministry portion of the retreat.  During this time we create a prayerful atmosphere for the students and give them the opportunity to be prayed over and to reflect on what was talked about during the day.  This youth really opened up, and shared that he felt that he became closer to God than he was before!  This changed the way he thought about Confirmation, he was now excited that it was another way to get to know Jesus more!


Something that my team and I are excited to start up at the high school is a Rosary Club!  After talking with the high school chaplain, we realized there was a need for something the students can do before school starts.  What better way to get to Jesus than through His Mother!  This reminded me of something beautiful that a young girl, about fifteen, shared with me.  One night at youth group we were talking about books we’ve read, and eventually got on the topic of spiritual books.  She said that she wants to read St. Louis de Montfort’s Secrets of the Rosary, which I highly encouraged!  Then she went on to say that she often prays the Holy Rosary in Latin, which inspired me to do the same!  I was in awe of the faith of this young girl and look forward to talking with her again!


Thank you for all your prayers and financial support, you are the reason we can reach so many young people!  As we go forth in the mission, please continue to keep my team and I in your prayers!    


With the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

The Leamington Team


Lucas, Thomas, Anna, Marie, Hailey

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