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Lethbridge Team

Hello from all of the Lethbridge team! 

Our team is busy with lots of ministry and having so much fun doing it! We are currently based in the city of Lethbridge and are working out of three parishes, putting on youth groups for the youth and attending various parish events. 

Getting to know the youth has been really amazing and journeying with them in their faith has been a gift! One of the ways we’ve been seeing the Lord work within the youth is through our Youth Groups! At the start of the year, we had a group of boys who had started attending our Senior Youth Nights. They seemed to have a good time but never had any interest in the faith aspect of it. Since journeying with these boys in a small group, they have started to attend Mass regularly and have even started bringing their friends with them! It’s in moments like these that we are reminded of the importance of our mission! 

We are also working in the high schools, regularly attending classes with the youth to get to know them better and build relationships with them. A fun thing we got to do was set up a popcorn booth in the school during their lunchtime! This gave us a chance to chat with the students over something as casual as popcorn, and really begin to build trust with them!  Another thing our team has been doing this year is running regular religion classes in the local middle schools. Seeing how the younger students have a curiosity for the Lord has been amazing and encouragement in the work we’re doing this year! 

One of the most amazing and unexpected fruits from this year has been the way that the youth has inspired us to also further our relationships with Jesus. With every group discussion at youth groups about our faith we can feel our knowledge growing alongside the youth’s which is so beautiful! 

For the next few weeks, we will be running retreats in the local middle school, with the theme being the Holy Spirit! We are so looking forward to having the opportunity to teach these youth more about the Holy Spirit and hopefully fan the flame of It in them! Please continue to keep our team and all the youth we encounter in your prayers!

God Bless,

The Lethbridge Team

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