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Retreat Team

Dear Friends, 

We, the NET Retreat Team, are now fully back into the swing of the mission after the Christmas break. We have spent this past month travelling the northern BC and Vancouver areas, putting on retreats at schools, parishes and youth groups along the way. 

At the beginning of the month, we put on a couple of retreats in Alberta, before heading off to northern BC. Most of the schools and parishes that we were going to, we had visited before earlier in the year! It was really amazing to go back and see some of the same youth. 

One of the youth told us that the retreat the previous year had really encouraged him in his faith, and he had prayed every day since then. There was another youth who told us that the retreat was a good reminder to start praying again. It was so good to be able to journey with these youth again, as we don’t often get the opportunity to stay in the same areas for very long. 

After travelling around northern BC we drove down towards the Kelowna area, where we put on some weekend retreats for a couple of local youth groups.

We arrived in Vancouver and had the great privilege of doing some classroom visits and running a couple of Alpha classes, as well as putting on a few Grade 9 retreats. Also during our time in Vancouver, our supervisors visited from Ottawa! They ran a couple of retreat days for us. It was so good to be able to reignite the zeal for the mission and to be able to take the time to re-energize the team. 

After this week we will be heading back to Alberta. We are so excited to see what the rest of the year holds, and to see all the amazing things that the Lord is doing. 

All the best, 

God Bless, 

The Retreat Team (Chris, Amy, Sabin, Aoife, Jean-François, Estelle, Cameron and Lucy)

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