“Moving Mountains”

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”

                        Saint Augustine


      The Lord has been using this time we spent here in Fraser Valley East to see the faith of both ourselves and the youth grow, and we’ve been able to see this so evidently within our ministry! I’ve been able to see youth come to the Lord for the very first time, and we’ve seen so many youth come to adoration and invite their schoolmates to come with them. 

     When it comes to faith, age really doesn’t matter; we have youth from all ages displaying beautiful examples of faith. One beautiful example of this is when we put on a retreat for the grade 9 youth at St. John Brebeuf high school. During retreats, we typically have small groups throughout the day as a way of giving the youth have a safe place to share their thoughts and process how the Lord’s been moving in their lives. Many times when we have small groups, I find myself learning more from the youth than I ever expected. During one small group, we were talking about suffering and hard times in life and if they truly believed that God looks out for them and whether or not He will be with us in those difficult moments. One of the youth boldly began sharing about how she was in a car crash with her mom and two of her siblings. She shared of how she really saw God work within that crash because earlier on in that day, her brother had really wanted to sit in the front seat, but her mom had said no. She told me that if he had sat in the front seat he wouldn’t be alive today. She felt like God had worked through her mother in not letting her brother sit in the front. What was so beautiful about this story to me was that she haden’t focused on why they got into that crash, but rather focused instead on how the Lord saved her brother and the joy and peace she had found in that. Because of the experience of the crash, it has led her to having a deeper faith in the Lord, and she was even telling me how now when life gets hard, she relies heavily on her faith. On the really hard days when nothing seems to go right, she goes to the chapel at school and listens to praise and worship music and just sits and re-centers herself. She says that’s the only way she can find peace on those days. What a beautiful example of age not mattering in your faith, because even the youngest of our youth can have the deepest relationships with our Lord.

      I feel very blessed that we’ve been able to do ministry in this community. We’ve gotten to see how much everyone cares for each other and their desire to see each other grow. We see the youth growing in their faith in the school. When we come to church, we have parents and parishioners telling us how they are praying for the youth at school and for our team and our ministry. Their faith in God and prayers have been the fuel we need and have helped us do the mission the Lord wants us to do here in Fraser Valley. 

As Jesus said, “If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, Move from here to there, and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20 

God has moved mountains with faith here and I pray he continues to do so, for you in your own life.

-written by Victoria Vandermeer

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