“The Spirit Moves!”

For the past six months, we have had the opportunity to do a lot of ministry in one of the high schools in Abbotsford, BC. This past month, the school had two weeks off school for their spring break, so our team was sent out onto the road to put on a few retreats in Alberta for those two weeks! The drive to Alberta was extraordinary, and we were so generously hosted by some amazing families on our way over. The way the Lord provided is truly amazing!

During this week of mission in Alberta, we had a jammed-packed time, putting on four retreats in a row! I will admit, by the fourth retreat, we were all exhausted, but the Lord gave us the graces that we needed to get through it! During the prayer portion of our retreats, we invite the youth to calm themselves for a minute and talk to God. During that time, our team goes and prays over the youth in our small groups. God poured out His immense love and graces into the youths, and one particular moment in which the Lord did this was during the prayer ministry with those youth. My team sister and I went to go pray over this one girl in my small group, and as we started to pray over her, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to affirm and tell her that she was meant to be here. Not just at the retreat, but in life. This youth had told me earlier in the retreat that when she was born she was very early, and she almost didn’t make it. I told her that God made sure she was here, that He had so much planned for her, and that God loved her so, so much! By the end of us praying over her, she was in tears, and I could tell that the Lord had really spoken to her. It was amazing to see just how the Spirit worked through us to get to this youth!


We are currently running online retreats for youth all over Canada, and it has been quite amazing. Our team will be heading back to Abbotsford in a few days to reenter the school with the youth and we are so excited to return! Please pray for us in our return back to the school and for the continued conversion of hearts of all the youth we’ve encountered!

God bless you all.

-written by Victoria Vandermeer

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