“A Little Nudge”

Time passes fast when you’re having fun, and with all the ministry we’ve done, the time has definitely flown by this month. This month, we had the opportunity to go to a new community: Cross Lake, Manitoba. During our stay, we organized a fun afternoon for the children where we shared our testimony and the message of our faith. We also prepared 15 children for their first holy communion. We saw those children for a couple of days in a row, so we got to know them more and more. It was beautiful to see their childlike faith and trust in the Lord and also see my own love for them grow. One of the highlights of the first communion preparation was how the children were touched by God’s love and mercy during their first confession.

Besides first communion preparation, we also had the opportunity to be in contact with the youth and the adults in the community. We had some prayer nights for healing full of encouragement and miracles for the adults. We were also able to visit the high school and give some classroom presentations, which was basically a mini-retreat! One of the youth was really touched during one of our classroom presentations. During the day she kept following us around and also came to our Youth Night at the school. In our small group, she told us that she planned not to go to school that day, but also had the feeling that she had to go. She told us that the last few days she kept thinking ‘Why me?’, which was also the theme of our classroom presentation. It is so cool to think that God doesn’t do coincidence. That God guided her to us and used us to tell her how much He loves her. God has a plan for all of us. He will guide us and give us little nudges. He uses us even if we have the feeling that we are not useful.

Written by Danielle Hoogenboom

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