“Meeting Old Friends”

The month of March has taken our team all over the place with the chance to revisit some of the communities we spent time in earlier this year. We started in Pinehouse Lake, SK, and ended up all the way back to Cross Lake, Manitoba. Life on the road is strange, tiring, and at times unpredictable and uncomfortable, but it is also nothing short of extraordinary. In Pinehouse, we were able to conduct daily youth gatherings in the parish hall, allowing us to meet many joyful and energetic youth from the community. Following our time in Pinehouse lake, we ended up doing some spontaneous School visits at Valley View School in Beauval, SK. Here we were warmly welcomed by the staff and students and experienced God moving in the hearts of those we were fortunate enough to encounter.

We are currently stationed in Cross Lake, Manitoba, where we’ve had the opportunity to meet members of the community and minister to the students of Mikisew High School. Our time spent in the high schools across the Keewatin Le-Pas diocese are always experiences that I myself treasure. During the first few days in the school, we were able to participate and join the students in their classes, such as gym and arts and crafts, where we learned to do beadwork and learn more about the first nation culture. After school dismissal, our time with the students continued by having open gym time. Here we had the chance to bond with students over volleyball, basketball, card games and more, followed by the team and myself sharing how we see God in our personal lives through testimonies and small groups. 

Cross Lake, being a community that we had previously spent time in, meant that we were able to catch up with some students we had previously journeyed with like this young man! Here is a beautiful mission moment from one of our tea members, Nate:

While in Cross lake, I had the chance to run into the youth that I had given a rosary to the first time around. As we started talking again I brought up the last time that we were in the community and asked him if he still had the rosary. He said he did, so I asked him if he was praying with it. He told me he wasn’t, because he didn’t know how to pray the rosary, and was kind of intimidated by it. I decided that the best thing I could do would be to pray it with him once so that he knew how to pray it and that it wasn’t as crazy as it seems. So my team sister and I sat down with him and we walked him through every step of the rosary and helped him learn all of the prayers that go into it. By the time we finished praying our last decade, he was confident with all of the prayers except for the Apostle’s creed, and the Hail Holy Queen, which was to be expected. Seeing him make the effort to learn the prayers and wanting to know how to pray the rosary he was giving touched my heart and reminded me once again just why we are doing what we are doing.”

What an extraordinary experience we get to live and share with all of you, Our Lady is so powerful and Our God so good! I humbly ask that you continue to keep the team and our ministry in your prayers, Blessings.

-written by Jaqueline Ceron

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