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Planting Seeds in the Snow


Hello friends!  The last you heard from us we were preparing to head home for the holidays, I’m glad to say we are back in Leamington and back to ministry!  Being home for Christmas gave us the rest we needed to come back stronger; as a team and as God’s army ready to save souls!  Entrusted on the frontline with the battle of good versus evil, what a privilege it is for us to positively impact young lives in ways that we’ll never fully know.  With the Living Word of God in our right hand, and a Rosary in our left, we are ready for battle doing what it takes to lead young souls to the Heavenly Father.  We proceed into the new year ready to fight the good fight, and ready to reclaim the Kingdom of God for all the young lost souls who we are encountering this year.

Already we’ve seen how fighting for the greater glory of God has impacted the people around us.  One of our contact people here in Leamington, that is, a local person who aids us in our mission, shared an amazing story with my team sisters!  They were chatting with her about the upcoming confirmation retreats for the schools in our area, and she filled them in on how all the classes have been and told them a few stories about where the youth are at.  She then went on to say that when she told the confirmation classes that our NET team would be putting on their retreats, they exclaimed with happiness  “Yeah! The NET team!”  Just hearing this brought my team and I so much joy!  As my team sister put it ‘Sometimes I get discouraged because I worry the youth think we see them as a project and we aren’t sincere, but to know they actually trust us and are excited to see us brings me so much joy and peace.’ 

It’s by God’s grace that our seeds of faith are growing- even in the middle of the winter!  The winter can hardly seem like ideal conditions to start a garden, but the Lord uses the trust we have built with the youth as soft soil to plant the seed of His Mercy in their hearts.  When these seeds sprout into curiosity for the Catholic faith, God has asked us to help water and grow with the youth until they have come to a personal relationship with Jesus.

There’s so much that we are looking forward to this year!  As mentioned earlier, we are so excited to be putting on retreats for the confirmation classes this year.  It’ll be a great opportunity for the youth to encounter Christ before they are confirmed into the church.  As we continue with our mission, please keep us in your prayers and look out for more ministry updates to come! 

With the Most Holy Name of Jesus and His Blessed Mother,

The Leamington Team 

Lucas, Thomas, Anna, Marie, Hailey

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