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God In The Tomato Capital!

Hello Friends!

On behalf of the Leamington team I’d like to share a bit about the current parts of our mission, and all the wonders God is working through us!  Leamington, also known as the tomato capital of Canada, has been such an amazing place to start our ministry, full of beautiful sights and kind people.  Being located on the shores of Lake Erie reminds us of God’s love and mercy, something that we can translate into our ministry.  The vastness of His love floods within us and we have no choice but to share it with all who we encounter!  We begin each day excited to build relationships with the youth and bring the gift of our faith to them. 

Starting up our school visits has been a great way to get to know the students;  it’s been a blessing to see the students’ curiosity about who we are and why we chose to become missionaries.  Their curiosity in us has even opened the door for conversation about following the call of the Lord and doing His will!  Another thing we as a team have enjoyed doing is putting on high school retreats.  We had the ninth graders join us for a retreat about revealing our true selves before God and the walls we put up between Him, a topic to which many of our retreatants could relate too.  After one of the talks, a retreatant expressed how much he personally related to the testimony given.  He said he went through a similar struggle of rooting his identity in others and was thankful to hear that he wasn’t alone in this situation.

We as a team have been blessed with the opportunity to minister here!  We look forward to not only growing closer as a team but as a community of young Catholics.  Something that we are particularly looking forward to is starting up our youth nights!  It’ll be a great way to foster healthy conversations about the faith in an out-of-school setting, while also having a lot of fun.  Life in community is such an important thing we’ve experienced together as a team, so we can’t wait to see this instilled among the youth! 

The Lord has filled us with the Holy Spirit, and our hope is that He fills you with it too!  Know that you are in our prayers, and we ask that you continue to pray for us too.  We look forward to sharing more of the amazing works of God in the months to come!

With Our Most Blessed Mother,

The Leamington Team

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