Hello Friends!

As our team enters into the month of December we welcome all the unexpected challenges of ministry with the peace of Christ.  Approaching into advent with servant’s hearts, we are wise men bringing our God-given gifts to share with Christ’s people here in Leamington.  We were not promised an easy path, but we have the brightest star to guide us along the way: Christ Himself!  He guides our team in all that we do, and as we begin to accompany youth toward Christ, they can start to see His light too.  It’s very exciting getting to travel with these youth to Bethlehem.  By our presence and openness, others may witness His saving grace that has filled our own lives.  Although obstacles can sometimes get in our way, we still prevail with confidence and trust in the Lord.  

During our school visits, we are given the opportunity to engage the students in a conversation about different things of the faith.  We have had great discussions about things like the patron saints of their schools and about prayer and how everyone can talk to God.  As we enter into the season of Advent we have been talking about how to prepare for Christmas, a topic that fills the youth with such joy and anticipation!  In a small discussion group, I asked what everyone was most excited about in the upcoming Christmas season.

As they shared their answers I was surprised to hear that it wasn’t the presents or the time off from school, but they were most excited for the birth of Jesus, or “Jesus’ Birthday” in their words!  It was so wholesome to see them so eager to share this with me.  

Another thing we have been enjoying is our youth nights!  With the help of our contact person we were able to establish a youth group for grades 6-8, and a group for students in grades 9-12.

One evening two boys in grade eight had attended our youth night and were being a bit rowdy and disruptive.  They were talking and making comments during the games and I wasn’t sure how much they’d take away from the evening because they didn’t seem super into it at first.  I found myself shocked by how attentive they were during the talk I gave.  Even if they came for the fun with friends, they stayed for the truth that was proclaimed.

As my team and I prepare to head home for the holidays please keep us in your prayers!  We are so blessed to be doing God’s work of sharing the good news, and we are so happy to be sharing the mission with you!

God bless you through Our Most Blessed Mother, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception,

The Leamington Team

Lucas, Thomas, Anna, Marie and Hailey

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