“Guided by the Holy Spirit”

Hello! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer), take a seat, relax, and let me update you on the ministry that has been happening in Vancouver with the St. Anthony Team. The Holy Spirit sure has been working overtime.

We started the month of February off with an Alpha retreat for the grade seven students at St. Anthony of Padua Elementary. For those who do not know, Alpha is a nine-week program that creates a space where youth can have honest conversations about life, faith, and Jesus. This retreat focused on the Holy Spirit and inviting him into our daily lives. At one part of the retreat, we had a time of prayer. We went up to each student and asked them if they would like to pray with us, a few said no but most of them wanted to. A few days after the retreat, we received an email from the teacher with some of the students’ responses. Here are a few student’s experiences of our time of prayer during the retreat:

  • I will remember the time we went to Church to pray, I felt lighter like all my weight on me had been lifted.
  • When I got prayed with I felt good, like the Holy Spirit came inside me
  • The games were definitely fun but the prayer service is what I will really remember. Being prayed with made me feel loved and peaceful
  • When I was prayed with I felt comforted and like I matter. I felt as if I didn’t have a care in the world and it was only me and God. I loved it.

Wow, how beautiful. Being able to witness the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of these students brings us much joy and consolation. Please pray that these students continue to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives and accept the Lord’s unconditional love for each one of them. 

God is great and worthy of all our praise! One beautiful way to praise God is through song. When someone is in love, they might sing love songs to their beloved. In a similar way, it is fitting for us to sing songs of praise to God! We led the St. Anthony of Padua’s school in a time of praise of worship. We sang about God’s endless love for each one of us and how he invited us into a relationship with him. The students were clapping and dancing along with us and delighting in the love of the Lord.

Sometimes it feels as if our world is crumbling around us if only we had A Light in the Darkness. A light to guide us out of the darkness. We ended the month with a youth night focused on Jesus. We played glow-in-the-dark games, listened to Marie’s experience of immense love and peace through adoration, and we had a time to experience that same love and peace through adoration. Jesus will always be the light in the darkness. He brings new life. He is love.

As a team, we have learned to really lean on the Holy Spirit and look to Him for guidance. We are not capable, nor do we have the strength to do anything on our own, but with the graces of the Holy Spirit, all things are possible. Invite the Holy Spirit into your daily life by saying “Come Holy Spirit Come”.

-written by Louise Lapain

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