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Ministry Update

Hello from the Lethbridge team!

Our team just arrived back in Lethbridge from January training in Ottawa after a restful Christmas break. We are so happy to be back in Lethbridge as we continue the ministry we started! Seeing our youth again has been amazing and has reminded us of how important this ministry is!

We are still running youth groups every week and seeing the community grow has been beautiful! We have loved attending all of the amazing events the Church has put on! Among these have been many Saturday night dinners for the parish where everyone comes together to talk and have conversations about our faith over home-cooked meals that everyone pitches in to prepare! We have loved getting to know the young adults in the area and have been enjoying the fellowship with people our age!

This year the Lord has spoken to our team through the word strength! He has helped us to persevere through difficult times and call upon the many Graces he has granted us this year. This has helped us to support our youth through any challenges or difficult times they may be facing.

One of the ways that the Lord has worked clearly in our ministry is through bringing some of our youth closer to him and to prayer. At the beginning of the year, we met a group of boys at a church event who seemed disinterested in anything to do with God. We began to seek them out and intentionally invite them to the youth group, which they started coming to. In our most recent youth groups, these same boys who were uninterested in anything to do with faith asked that we pray over them. This showed us the importance of perseverance and that just because it’s taking time, doesn’t mean the Lord isn’t working!

The highlight of our ministry recently has been the youth nights. Having the opportunity to watch the youth grow closer to Christ and build faith-filled friendships with each other has been truly a gift! Our main focus for these youth nights has been teaching the youth about Christ through games and learning activities!

We are so excited to see how the Lord continues to work through us in these upcoming months!

God Bless,

The Lethbridge Team

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