November Ministry Update

Hello from the Lethbridge NET team! We arrived here last month and have since gotten to know the city and the amazing people within it. We are a parish discipleship team and we are spread between three sister parishes, St Marthas, St Basils and Our Lady of the Assumption. In these parishes, we run weekly junior and senior youth groups, during which we have been able to build relationships with the youth of these parishes. We also are in high schools during the week doing classroom visits, joining in on religion classes getting to know the youth and teachers. 

The Lethbridge community has welcomed us with open arms and made us feel so at home here. We have had the opportunity to attend and help with many parish events such as pumpkin carving, youth movie nights, spaghetti dinners, school concerts and much more. 

The Lord has really worked through our team this year and given us the gift of joy. He has given us the gift of finding Joy in everything we do, big and little! This has really helped our team this year to see God in every situation and to find his beauty in everything, whether that be as simple as a smile from youth or hearing someone’s journey to faith.

A great example of this would be a youth we met at the beginning of the year. He told us he was having a hard time living out his faith because of the lack of community he felt. After inviting him to youth group he started to attend and has since made a great group of friends that regularly meet up and attend church events together. The joy we received from seeing him and his friends grow in their faith together has been amazing. 

A real highlight of our ministry has been staying in host homes and getting to know each family so well. From staying up late and having amazing conversations with host parents to having Nerf wars with the younger members of our host families, every moment has been so special.

We are so excited to see how much more the Lord will continue to work in the Lethbridge community and are even more excited to be a part of it! 

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