“Complete Trust”

Happy Fall!

At the beginning of October, my team and I flew out of Ottawa, Ontario and arrived in Vancouver, B.C. Due to some complications, we weren’t able to start ministry until the end of October. This was very difficult for our team at first, as we were prepared and excited to start. However, we realized how much this time away from ministry was a part of God’s plan, and we recognized the beauty He bestowed on us through it.

These past few weeks, we have been able to experience so much spiritual growth, in our individual relationships with God as well as in our relationship as a team. It was evident that this is what the team needed before starting ministry, and that God used this time to bring about goodness. It gave us the opportunity to connect as a team and strengthen our relationships with each other, building a firm foundation. This has allowed us to love one another with a more sacrificial and Christ-like love.

As a team, we have been able to take the tools we were equipped with during our training and incorporate them into our daily lives. This allowed us to deepen our personal prayer life, better understand the beauty of sisterhood/brotherhood, help build up our dynamic as a team and nurture team life. All of these aspects of growth have allowed us to recognize God’s hand in every situation. Trusting in the Lord and not leaning on our own understanding of things, were concepts that became a tangible reality, one that required very real growth in those virtues.

Personally, I have always found it hard to put full trust in the Lord, especially when things don’t go according to plan. Through the team’s awareness and hopeful response in uncertainty, I was reassured of God’s protection and guidance for His children. I was inspired to lay down all of my doubts, worries, anxieties and fears at Jesus’ feet and place myself in the comforting and loving arms of the Father. I gradually started to understand the beauty of surrendering all of my cares to the Lord. Through daily surrender, I developed a deeper trust, experienced true freedom and established a more intimate dependency on Christ.

Our team had to learn all of that in order for Christ to work through us, we have to have complete trust in Him. The Lord has shown us His good, generous and merciful heart this past month. He has proven to us over and over again that He will take care of us and never leave us. As a team, we are learning to grow in child-like dependence on God and have a total submission to His plan for us. Through this, we are continuing to strive for holiness together.

-Written by Monica Hartman

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