“Easter Joy”

This Easter season has been truly blessed for our team! We had the privilege of leading music at 2 beautiful Easter Vigils on Holy Saturday, and afterward, we were invited by some other missionaries in the community to an Easter party. The next day we got to celebrate Easter with the families that were hosting us. At my host home, the family had an Easter egg hunt for the children and we had a delicious turkey dinner, during which the guests told stories of how they came to believe in God, and we shared some of our favourite memories from the past year on NET. The atmosphere was so joyful and the Lord’s victory over death was so evident in the bright smiles of all the kids and the laughter that rang throughout the house during the whole celebration!

As well as celebrating His Resurrection, the Lord has been giving us so many other things to be joyful about. We’ve been continuing to run youth groups for both middle and high schoolers, and at our past high school youth group nights, we’ve been splitting up into guy’s and girl’s small groups. In the girl’s small group we’ve each been sharing our life stories. Last week one of the youth shared her story and it was so beautiful to see how she opened up and how the other youth that were there listened so attentively and really affirmed her afterwards for sharing. Something in particular that stood out to me was when she talked about how her faith gave her a lot of hope and strength throughout her life. It was very inspiring to see that in a young Catholic!

Because we want this beautiful and fruitful ministry to continue after we leave, Marinna has been heading up finding volunteers in the community. We are planning to start running weekly formation nights in which we give sessions to our future volunteers on various topics: how to lead a youth group, prayer, running small groups, and more. We have a few volunteers now coming to both our senior and junior youth groups, and they have been a big help in running the events!

Another exciting thing happening on our team is that we are now doing ministry once again at Vanier, a local Catholic high school. We hang out with the students at lunch and sit in on their classes. We are also doing some retreats for them in the near future. It’s so great to be able to build relationships with the youth of the community by being in their schools! 

As this year of ministry draws to a close, we find ourselves saddened to leave the community of Whitehorse and all the beautiful people we’ve met here, but also excited to be reunited with our family and friends back home. Our team is especially excited to see Jackie again (one of our teammates who had to go home earlier this year due to a concussion). We will be seeing her at Wrap Up, which is our end-of-the-year retreat. 

Please continue to pray for our team, ministry, and the Whitehorse community! 


written by Anna MacDonald

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