“A little more sun, and a whole lot of trust”

The time we’ve spent here in Whitehorse has been nothing short of an amazing experience and a gift from God. Especially in the past month, with more and more sunshine every day and with increasing opportunities for our ministry to thrive. Although we’ve had many uncertain moments, through continual trust in the Lord we’ve been able to reach out to so many people within the Whitehorse community. 

Over the past month, we’ve had some events online which enabled us to reach out to some of the youth within the diocese who don’t live in Whitehorse. Even though we could only see some of the youth through a screen, it was still a great opportunity to get to know the youth and journey with them in their faith. We have also had some opportunities to host some events in person which has been very beautiful. At one of our senior youth nights, we did a guy-and-girl split. It was so cool to have the women and men get together separately and to create a space where it was possible to be vulnerable and share our joys and struggles with each other!

It’s so good to see how God has been using us in the communities in the Diocese of Whitehorse! One thing that happened near the end of the month and going into March was that some of our team was able to visit some of the smaller communities outside of Whitehorse including Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake, and Iskut. Being mainly in Telegraph Creek we were able to share the basics of our faith with the youth through some youth nights, catechism, and even just through the ministry of presence. Getting to know some of the youth and seeing their willingness to learn and participate has been really inspiring to witness. There were even a few times that we were able to pray with and over the youth in the church!

This past month has been quite busy but the Lord has provided us with many new opportunities and His strength through it all. Thank you for journeying with us, please know that you will be in our prayers and we ask that you please pray for us as well as our ministry in this diocese.

St. Vincent de Paul and St. Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for us.

God Bless!

-written by Emily Beatty

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