“True Adventure Is A Life With The Lord”

These past few months have been extremely blessed by the Lord– our team has had so many amazing opportunities for ministry! We had the privilege of sending four team members to Telegraph Creek, BC, for three weeks. Emily, Tony, Max and I all took the scenic drive from Whitehorse down to the small Indigenous community in northern BC, passing snow-capped mountains, forests, and breathtaking canyons. The community was so warm and welcoming, and we got to learn a lot about Tahltan Indigenous culture. The faith and strength of the elders particularly inspired me– there’s no priest in the community so they have communion service every Sunday instead of Mass, and seeing how the elders would consistently show up and invest in the service and in their grandchildren’s faith lives gave me so much joy. I even had the beautiful opportunity to hear one of the elders share her testimony of how she had first encountered the Holy Spirit!

While we were there, we ran some catechism classes, youth nights, and informal events. Once, we even got to play tag with some youth at a rec hall that they frequently hung out at, and after that, a lot of them started coming to youth group and even the Sunday communion service. They were always so happy to see us and I was always impressed by each of the youth’s openness and vulnerability. 

During one of our youth nights, we were having a small group discussion about the subject of loss, loneliness, and emptiness. One of the youth in my small group began to open up about the pain she had experienced in losing someone close to her, and how she had struggled with and turned to God through it. After a time of prayer, when the youth night was over, she hugged each one of us team members with a big, bright smile on her face. She seemed very grateful for the opportunity to share her heart and connect with God and other youth.

Meanwhile, back in Whitehorse, Annie and Marinna were passionately diving into ministry as well. They continued to run youth nights and a young adults group, started small groups and a youth band, and even visited families in the community to get to know them better. They prayed a Lectio Divina (a form of prayer in which one meditates on scripture) with the young adult group, and one of the members said that she had never done anything like that and expressed a deep desire to do it again as a group!

God has truly been upholding us and guiding our ministry. I’ve seen Him touch the lives of so many people throughout this past month and I have no doubt that He will continue to do so. Who would have thought that we would be able to see the grandeur of Canada while witnessing the even more epic scene of God’s love transforming hearts all in the same year? There’s no doubt about it– life with Christ is the best adventure there is.

-written by Anna Macdonald

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