Peter Roddis, Abbotsford, BC


Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Peter Roddis, and I’m (almost) 19 at the time of writing this. I’m from a smallish city called Abbotsford, about an hour or so east of Vancouver. Some of my favourite hobbies are writing music and trying new instruments. I love music, and piano especially has been a huge part of my life. Outside of music, I love reading and exploring the Vancouver area with friends. I also LOVE travelling. On my first year of NET, I served on the western travelling retreat team, doing retreats everywhere between Ottawa, ON, and Vancouver, BC.

I chose to serve with NET for my first year because the youth ministry in my home parish helped to get me interested in my faith and I wanted to bring the message of God to the youth of Canada. About halfway through my first year of NET, I started to feel a call to do a second year, and after much prayer, I responded by doing another year. NET has challenged me and helped me to grow in many ways, and I loved it.

Because I am doing another year of NET, I would kindly ask, first of all, for your spiritual support. I would love it if you could all pray for me as I continue my journey of faith. I also would like to ask for your financial support. If you give a one-time donation of $50 or more, or choose to donate monthly, you are eligible to receive a quarterly letter personally written by me updating you on my mission. You also will receive a quarterly letter from NET as well. Thank you so much for checking out my page! I really appreciate it, and you all will be in my prayers as I continue on in my journey with the Lord!

God bless,