Pierre Caron, Chatham, ON


Hi, my name is Pierre Caron and I hail from the small but mighty city of Chatham in southwestern Ontario. I'm a proud member of St. Joseph's Parish. I love languages (especially French), genealogy, biking, camping, and curling. I also enjoy working with youth. The joy from this ministry, along with a lasting desire to work in the missions is what led me to serve with NET Canada.

I am currently working in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, located in Stoney Creek, Ontario on NET Team 4 with two other gentlemen and four young ladies who are all on fire for the mission! We are the first NET team to work here on a long-term basis. 

The Pastor of this parish brought NET here, despite COVID concerns, because he saw our apostolate as a light in the darkness for his flock. I think he was right.  Despite restrictions and lockdowns, we are making a difference day by day, and our connections with the youth of this parish are slowly growing. Jesus is Lord, and COVID isn't going to stop Him from shining His light on the youth in Stoney Creek or anywhere in Canada. Nor will His Church be stopped from adding day by day those who are being saved. Your support of this mission and those of other teams around Canada is greatly appreciated. 

Lastly, I have many months remaining on this mission with much work to be done, but I can already attest to how much I have grown as a Catholic man, all thanks to the efforts of NET Canada to form missionaries who will give not just a year or two, but their whole life in service to Our Lord and His Church, however that may be.

I invite you to take part in the mission. Through your financial support, you will be assisting not only myself, but all of NET Canada to announce the Good News to the youth of today. Further, you will be investing in both the present and the future of the Church in Canada! If you are able to donate $50 or more, or if you choose to give monthly, you will receive the NET newsletter, but also letters from myself updating you on my work in the mission apostolate throughout the year, because remember, you will be part of the mission too!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. Be assured of my prayers. Let's work to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth together!