Rebekah Scott, Clyde River, PE


Hi! My name is Rebekah Scott, I am an eighteen-year-old from the beautiful Prince Edward Island. I enjoy painting, baking, crocheting, caring for my plants, chatting with friends, and, most importantly, spending time with Jesus in adoration!

This year I’m finishing high school and, instead of going to university, God has called me to serve Catholic youth through NET. My family has had a great relationship with NET for years now and I thought that I had ruled it out for myself; but you know how it is! The Lord had plans for me that I didn’t see. Now, through His good graces, I’ll be on mission for the 2021-2022 year!

God has called all of us to be part of this great mission of life; some of us are called to leave our homes and spread the gospel, and others, hopefully you, are called to be a spiritual pillar to those who have left. I humbly ask that you be my prayerful support through this next year and, if you are able, consider supporting me financially. If you are able, donating $50 or more now, or by giving any amount monthly, throughout the year you will receive a NET Canada Newsletter and a personal letter from me, updating you on my year.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read what I’ve put here! God bless you, I’ll be praying for you all.