Shania Allen, Melbourne, AUS


Hello you wonderful human!
My name is Shania Allen, I am 22 years old and I am from Melbourne, Australia. Growing up, I played tennis so this is one of my loves, as well as calligraphy, painting, and seeing beautiful places and people.

I recently completed a year of NET Australia where I was located in Caloundra on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, and it was quite early on that I felt Jesus call me to do a second year of NET. As I discerned it, I realized He was not just calling me to a second year, but one in Canada and let me tell you, He sent many MANY Canadian flags and maple leaves my way to confirm this. So with this, I will be serving as a volunteer missionary with NET Canada in 2021-22.

Last year, I witnessed how desperately we as humans hunger for Truth and goodness, and it is only Jesus Who satisfies. It was such an honour to journey with young people who chose to chase after Him, some of them even becoming Catholic. I know it doesn't stop there, it doesn't stop in Australia, and I am so excited to see how Jesus transforms many more lives, including mine this year.

With all this, I humbly invite you to prayerfully consider supporting this mission where lives will be changed, by donating financially. Every bit counts and will contribute to building the Kingdom of God.

If you do decide to give $50 or more, or a regular monthly donation, you will receive a NET Newsletter and a personal letter updating you on the work we do throughout the year.

It is your kindness, generosity and prayers that allow this mission to be possible, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Be assured of my prayers for you, may He bless you and keep you!