Alex Ducharme

Hello, My name is Alex Ducharme and I am 22 years old. Over the past year, I have been working as a Youth Ministry Coordinator here in Ottawa. I have been working with youth at multiple parishes, bringing the love of Jesus to them through small groups, youth nights, and fun activities each week. I have so many stories that I wouldn’t be able to fit them all into this small space. I think the biggest success has been when I started playing a video game with a couple of youth, it has now turned into a big event each week and have over 35 youth that are playing, interacting with each other, and exploring the faith. You may think this does not do much in evangelization, but trust me, it has been one of our biggest tools in bringing youth to our youth nights and allowing them to begin to build trust with us. This year I have a fundraising goal of $8,000. I hope that you would consider joining me in this mission and allowing me to continue bringing Christ to the youth of Ottawa this next year. Jesus loves you and God Bless!